Don’t unpack yet, the Hearthstone Championship Tour is on the move again!
This time, it’s heading to vibrant Seoul, the unofficial capital city of esports.
HCT Seoul is a Grand Prix tournament that will take place June 8 through 10.
A total of 191 Hearthstone Competitive Points (CP) as well as $25,000 USD are on the line for top players.

Instruction for Spectators



Map of Main Venue (Nexon Arena)

The preliminary IGR venues for day 1 to 2 will only be announced to participating players at a later time.
(From the round of 16, all matches will be held in the main Venue: Nexon Arena)

For the smooth operation of preliminary matches on day 1, access to the main Venue will be restricted to authorized players & personnel only.


All matches will be conducted off-line in Asia Sever.

All matches are composed of the best-of-five series (4 decks, 1 ban), it will be an open deck, and all players are required to prepare 4 decks.

Information on date/method of deck submission will be provided to participating players at a later time

For more regulations in detail, please refer to the menu, ‘Regulation’ above.

Prize & Point